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Skogsentreprenad BR. Nilsson AB

Håkan and Fredrik Nilsson

Ever since 2008, cousins Håkan and Fredrik Nilsson have been running the forestry company Skogsentreprenad Br. Nilsson AB, a company operating in and around Älmhult in southern Sweden and with a history that dates back 50 years. Today, they have ten forest machines, just as many employees, and a primary focus on thinning in the forests of southwestern Småland.

Their Komatsu 911 is equipped with an SP 561 LF and, according to Håkan and Fredrik, this is one of the best harvester heads on the market and is perfectly suited to the type of forest they harvest.

  • “Finding a head that ticks all the right boxes is no easy task, but we’d dare say that the 561 does so. You can work effectively in small-diameter forest because the head’s so small and compact when you close it up. And when you open it up, you can work very effectively with lighter final felling. What’s more, we can use it to harvest hardwood as it has dual feed rollers. So, versatility is one of the main reasons why we choose SP, and it’s also this versatility that distinguishes their harvester heads from the rest of the market,” says Håkan.

Today, the company is on its fourth head from SP. Håkan and Fredrik appreciate their relationship with SP and the fact that the company listens to its customers and is interested in helping them and developing its products.

  • “Among other things, they’ve now made completely new guards for the feed roller hoses, which is an area where we saw high consumption before. But that problem has been resolved now, and we get through far fewer hoses compared to the other heads we have. So, reliability is good, as is length measuring, which test measurements confirm, and, in my opinion, this is one of SP’s strongest sides,” Fredrik explains.
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