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Mano Skog AB

Benny Lundmark and Tobias Lundmark

A little more than thirty years ago, Benny Lundmark founded Mano Skog AB, a company working out of Svansele, about 60 km west of Skellefteå in northern Sweden. Over the years, the company has got through many machines and harvester heads, the latest combination being a John Deere 1470 equipped with an SP 661 LF, which, according to Tobias Lundmark, is the best head they have ever used.

  • “We’ve clocked up 2,500 hours with this head now, without needing any service or repairs, and we’ve increased our production by some 12–14%. I think that the best thing about this head is the saw. It saws extremely well,” says Tobias.

Tobias is not the only one who is satisfied with the head, and Benny says that all eight of the company’s employees agree that the SP 661 is their best harvester head.

  • “We currently have three different brands, and we almost fight over who’s going to get to use it because it does a much better job. I think that the best things about this SP head are its productivity, its fast feed, and that it’s easy to find the cutting window,” Benny explains.

SP has also entered into a service agreement with the workshop Landins Mekaniska, which is close to Mano Skog and makes things easier for the company when it is time for a service.

  • “It’s great. We’re also going to replace a smaller machine soon, and when we do, it’ll be a given to equip it with an SP 561 LF,” Tobias ends.
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