SP Stories

Cambic Skog AB

Komatsu 901 equipped with an SP 461 LF

In Jansjö, in the northwest of Ångermanland in Sweden, we find Jörgen Karlsson and Tomas Jönsson at Cambic Skog. The company, who are mainly conducting thinning on behalf of SCA, bought their first SP in 2009 and have since then operated SP harvester heads for more than 30 000 hours. Today, they are operating their fourth, an SP 461 LF fitted to a Komatsu 901, felling about 35-45 thousand cubic a year with an average medium stem between 0,11-0,12.

  • Yes, that is a lot of logs in a year. The harvester heads from SP are efficient, easy to operate and, above all, reliable. It´s not often we have problems that makes us stop working, says Jörgen.

Jörgen, who owns the company, has been running it for more than twenty years. The machine line up consists of one forwarder, one harvester and three operators driving the machines. Tomas, who is an employee since more than sixteen years, also see large benefits with SP´s harvester heads.

  • Yes, it is very small and flexible. You can access almost anywhere you need, says Tomas and Jörgen agrees.
  • It is perfect for thinning, low-grade timber as well as larger-diameter stems. So, we are totally satisfied and would strongly recommend it to others, says Jörgen.
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