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R.A Skogstjänst AB

R.A Skogstjänst AB

Roger Andersson

For more than twenty years Roger Andersson has run the company R.A Skogstjänst AB. We meet up in Vemdalen where he is now running the business but his accent immediately reveals his origins from Småland. His work as a forest machine contractor along with his commitment in relocation dogs means that he spend a lot of time in the forest and often stays in the felling site over night. At present, he has three dogs as companions, two Greenland dogs and one very special breed, a Caucausian Sheperd dog. In addition, he is also active in powerlifting and has an impressing fifth place in bench press in the World Championships.

In the company Roger has one employee and together they form a felling group operating in the forests in Härjedalen. In total, Roger has owned four harvesters and three forwarders during his time as a forest machine contractor and he has always chosen to equip his machines with harvester heads from SP. Since December 2021 he is operating a new John Deere 1170G equipped with a SP 561LF, a choice that proved to be a good combination.

  • The things I experience as most positive with SP is the reliability and the diameter- and length measuring. Also we have very little cutting cracks. We use a Bucher 25 cc saw motor that we like very much, says Roger.

The present harvester head is equipped with 560 cc roller motors, something that Roger experience as very positive since they are working both low-grade thinning as well as large-diamater final felling.

  • Thanks to the angled feed rollers it always holds even large diameter stems very well and it is also easy to take multiple stems. When we operate thinning, we work by the section thinning method, using multi-tree handling to increase productivity. Today, with this combination, we produce nine stems more per hour compared to what we did before. In a three months period that means an increased productivity of 50 cubic meters every week, so that is very good, says Roger.
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