Dependable length measuring with great reliability and minimal maintenance

Thanks to its unique design and construction, the length measuring unit on SP heads offers exceptionally high dependability, reliability,
and measurement accuracy. The hydraulics are designed to handle extremely rapid movements and changes in direction, ensuring
that the measuring wheel remains in contact with the stem at all times. Combined with the sensor’s high resolution, this ensures that
correct measurements are made and forwarded within the system. Sturdy and robust bearings, unique internal cable routing, and a
mechanically contactless sensor ensure dependability and reliability even in the most demanding conditions.
Regardless of tree species, the measuring process can be optimized by means of the various measuring wheel profiles and widths
while the large measuring wheel diameter ensures optimal contact with the stem throughout. This ensures maximum dependability
when penetrating different bark structures and minimal deviations regardless of any high or low temperature extremes. Throughout
the process, the length measuring unit is pressed against the stem by a powerful hydraulic cylinder with rapid response times, ensuring
outstanding length measurements even on crooked and uneven stems. When the measuring wheel finally needs replacing due to
wear, the service-friendly design enables quick and easy replacement.

The length measuring unit is actuated by an extremely well protected hydraulic cylinder and encapsulated hoses, enabling the measuring wheel to be retracted into a protected position when the head is opened.

The measuring wheel has highly robust and self-lubricating bearings for optimal service life and minimal maintenance needs. The robust bearings are also large enough to withstand the extremely high lateral forces generated, for example, during multi-tree handling and when harvesting crooked hardwood trees.

The length measuring arm is affixed to the frame of the head with a sturdy and robust connection to minimize service and maximize durability. This also ensures extremely solid movement of the measuring arm with no play for the greatest measurement accuracy.

Our larger heads, the SP661LF and the SP761LF, which are often mounted on powerful carriers for work in demanding environments with large-diameter trees, have unique and fully protected cable routing to the length measuring sensor. Since the entire cable length is routed inside the frame and length measuring arm, it is completely protected from external forces at all times. This ensures the greatest dependability even in the most demanding conditions.

The length measuring sensor is completely contactless with no mechanical link to the measuring wheel. Given that the sensor has no moving parts or open electronics, this ensures the greatest dependability and lifetime.

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