Productive heads for excavators

With a head from SP, you can easily transform your excavator into a productive harvester. With more than forty years of experience, we can honestly say that we are experts at head installations, and that we know exactly what it takes for you to make the most of both your machine and your head. Over the years, SP’s heads have been installed on all conceivable excavator models and brands around the world, and we are proud to say that today we are one of the leading brands in the global market. Our Excavator Conversion Kit gathers our knowledge and experience in step-by-step technical documentation that enables our dealers and customers to quickly, easily, and problem free complete the installation with the best possible result. Moreover, as an SP customer, we can offer you a free analysis to outline your needs and see how best to maximize your production with the help of our heads. Our knowledge means that SP customers can always choose with confidence.

All SP heads are designed in line with our unique low friction concept and stand out for their high performance and feed speed as well as their optimized fuel consumption. Smart and efficient hydraulics with minimal pressure drops deliver high energy efficiency and minimize the risk of the system overheating, considerably extending the service life of components on both the machine and the head.

As a result, our concept also guarantees extremely low maintenance costs, minimal downtime, and a favorable total cost of ownership. With their unique hydraulics, SP’s harvester heads are ideal for excavator installations, providing you with all that is needed to ensure productive and profitable harvesting regardless of the harvesting type or harvesting conditions.

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