SP 761 E

Harvester head SP 761 E - Technical data

Learn more about the technology behind our various harvester heads. Here you will find everything from information about cutting and delimbing to weights and dimensions.


Min. pump capacity: 200 l/min
Rec. working pressure: 25-30 MPa


Proportional clamping pressure of the feed rollers, individual settings for different species for optimum performance.
Feed motors: 780 cc
Min feed roller opening: 20 mm
Max feed roller opening: 700 mm
Max feed force: 21,7 or 27 kN
Max feed speed: 6,5 m/s
Proportional pressure:: Yes

Felling / Cutting

The SuperCut 150 is a very robust and powerful saw unit with integrated chain lubrication and automatic hydraulic tensioning of the chain. Together with SP´s QuickCut system this ensures an optimized cut and a minimized risk of cutting cracks.
Cutting diameter: 700 mm
Chain speed: 40 m/s
Saw motor: 32 cc
Saw unit: SuperCut 150
QuickCut: Yes


Proportional pressure on debarking/delimbing knives, individual settings for different species for optimum performance.
Movable knives: 3
Fixed knives: 2
Fixed bark deflectors: 1
Minimum delimbing/debarking diameter: 27 mm
One pass debarking diameter range: 27–350 mm
Proportional pressure: Yes
LogHold: Yes

Weight and dimensions

Width closed: 1400 mm
Width open: 1920 mm
Height: 1850 mm
Weight: 1765kg


The SP 761 E can be installed with excellent result on both wheel based carriers, excavators in the
14-25 ton range as well as tracked harvesters.
Tree sizes
Optimum tree size (DBH) for highest productivity*: 10-35 cm
* Diameter measured at chest height (1,3 m up from the ground)

We reserve the right to change specifications and design. Harvester heads pictured may have some extra equipment. All stated measurements/values are approximate and refer to standard equipment.

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